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CAPITAL PUNISHMENT – Jose’s treatment of Casillas causes a storm

By Olly Dawes

“I get on very well with Mourinho, just like the rest. Sometimes we disagree on certain things, but our relationship is very good. The situation is normal,”

Iker Casillas gave an interview following Madrid’s crushing 6-0 win over Zaragoza, claiming that the relationship between himself and Jose Mourinho is ‘fine’.

Press over the last fortnight has suggested the two had frequent rows and that there were strained relations between two of the most integral parts of the Madrid setup.

The problems started after the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup final. As Barcelona were defeating Los Blancos 3-2, Marcelo’s late challenge on Cesc Fabregas sparked a mass brawl at the Nou Camp, where Mourinho inexplicably eye-gauged the Barcelona assistant manager, Tito Vilanova.

Casillas tried to diffuse the situation by phoning Barca’s midfield duo Xavi and Andres Iniesta, two of his international teammates, to attempt to apologise.

Madrid boss Mourinho found about the events and dropped the seemingly untouchable Casillas to the bench for the Trofeo Bernabeu game against Galatasaray.

Mourinho’s feels that Barca are having things there own way and wants his Madrid players to ‘get in their faces’…more often than not leading to red cards and mass brawls, which Gerard Pique claims is ‘poisoning Spanish football.

Casillas’ actions infuriated Mourinho, leading to the demotion, then these comments from ‘The Special One’.

“Iker is ahead, but he’s not untouchable. Make no mistake, here the most important thing is Real Madrid. The goalkeeper is not someone who is guaranteed to play. Just the same in defence, midfield or attack.”

This is the hero of Madrid we are talking about. Casillas has made 575 appearances in 13 seasons in all competitions – he’s a club hero.

Casillas was restored to the side for last night’s victory in Aragon, with the aforementioned quotes coming from Casillas last night.

If the alleged rift continues, it will be interesting to see what happens in the capital.

Some fans are already becoming frustrated with Mourinho’s attitude. The accusations that Mourinho was about to quit because of a lack of support from the board reaked of Brian Clough’s threats during his stint at Derby – and it may get to the point where Florentino Perez says enough is enough and sends the former Porto, Chelsea and Inter boss packing.

The key line is that if there was a full blown rift, who would the fans support?

Casillas. Every single time.

Mourinho’s obsession over beating Barcelona has made people question many of his decisions, and this is another one that raised some eyebrows.

In what is considered the strongest squad in world football, it always appeared that Casillas was the immovable object, guaranteed a starting role. Now Mourinho has challenged him…is it to keep Casillas on his toes? Or is there more in this story?


  1. J.A.

    31 August, 2011 at 18:28

    It wasn’t Iniesta, it was Puyol who was phoned by Iker.

  2. Abasiama

    31 August, 2011 at 20:04

    Mou can do everything he likes but definitely not going to tempt our madrid faith with a rift with a contera lyk casillas.. Hala madrid

  3. anon

    31 August, 2011 at 21:57

    Mourinho threatened to quit? When? Fans turning against him? Have you even been to Madrid??
    Iker says he has no problems, just normal differences in opinion

    Mourinho again states no problem with Casillas

    icentrocampesta translates that into a falling out, mourinho threatening to quit and fans disliking.

  4. Iain McMullen

    31 August, 2011 at 22:58

    Hi anon…

    Thank you for your constructive comment on the article, however I feel I must highlight a couple of points.

    The article does not state ‘Mourinho threatened to quit’ it reads: “The accusations that Mourinho was about to quit..” All of Spain’s daily’s ran with these accusations last week.

    Neither does it state that ‘Fans are turning against him’ it suggests: “Some fans are already becoming frustrated with Mourinho’s attitude” – and having spoken to many fans of the club myself over the past two weeks, this is indeed the feedback I am getting, so I fully agree with the writers article.

    Surely your obvious loyalty to Real Madrid does not hide the fact that Mourinho is having an uncomfortable time at the moment?

  5. anon

    31 August, 2011 at 23:34

    The accusations came from a newspaper who has been on Jose’s nutts all season. We all know the press in spain is extremy biased PIRSA the culprits the year. Alot of others decided to jump the bandwagon. key points, paper printed it, realised it was thrash and both real madrid and jose released offical statements denying it. The real story should be about the clowns who printed this rubbish that they had to retract. In england they close down newspapers when they lose the respect of the people. These have people quoting the.article as truw!?!?! Baffles me

    After Mourinho poked that Pito fellow, on the metro going home jose name was ringing around the streets. Let no one be confused!: That is the Madrid of Bernabeu, of Di Stefano, of Saporta and Ferrandiz, of Hugo Sanchez and Juanito. The greatest madridistas were never timid about speaking loud and clear, they never allowed anyone to trample them. This is our Mourinho and we love him.

    Mourinho is not under.pressure. he has a great relationship with the fans, players and board. No one else matters. Their opinion is usuall the pseudo madridista opinion. The club letter and.Mourinho letter where perfect , because they send a message that a club like Madrid needed: “We will defend ourselves against lies, and we wont allow anyone to trample us without any motive”. There will be some who will think that this is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow and that Madrid cannot trust its identity to Mou, a man that could leave tomorrow. But they are wrong on something basic: When Mourinho leaves-God willing not for a long time-., Madrid will need another like him. He is not a man who has poor manners, or that likes to stoke the fires, and does not damage our image in the eyes of anyone worth it. The simple minded often confuse strength with provocation

    Get used it. We wont be allowed to get pushed around anymore.

  6. Iain McMullen

    1 September, 2011 at 00:01

    Mourinho has certainly brought some belief to the side, and they look like a solid unit. I think Mourinho had a transition period last season and got his tactics badly wrong in the Camp Nou 5-0 which gave Barça a massive psychological advantage.

    I was very impressed with their performance in both games of the super cup and, in my opinion, they were the better side – the first 45 minutes at the Bernabeú was almost perfect, yet they wentin at the break losing!

    To grant Mou such power at the club is a brave move by Perez, and is testament to the fact that they know a strategic change is needed to put pressure on Barcelona.

    I think it’s going to be an intriguing battle ahead between the clubs – it just makes me chuckle a little to see how the roles have reversed – it was always Barça who were the hard-done to club!

    Thanks for your comments, it’s good to read such a passionate response!

  7. Brian Devonshire

    3 September, 2011 at 09:36

    There’s no big feud between these two, press talk more than anything I would imagine together with Mourinho’s rather worrying insecurities.

    Madrid is far too important a club to have someone dirtying their name as Mourinho continues to do again and again.

    As a Barca fan I’m never going to be a fan of Mourinho (or Madrid for that matter) but I must say that if someone as important as Casillas, someone with such high standing is so embarrassed at Mourinho’s actions that he feels strongly enough to say something then you listen to him.

    Even if you are supposed to be a special one.

  8. Al-amin

    12 February, 2012 at 19:52

    challenge is good even 4 intellectual development & another method of understanding each other. so fans, u should not be too furious about all those kind of misunderstandings. love madrid, love mou & love the great captain.

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