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LA LIGA PAPER REVIEW - A look at this week's news | El Centrocampista
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El Centrocampista

LA LIGA VIDEO PODCAST – A look at this week’s papers

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Welcome to the first ever elcentrocampista.com Spanish Football Paper Review. Each week, we’ll take a look at the stories dominating the sports sections and sports dailies in Spain, and cast a critical (and perhaps satirical) eye over them.In this first edition of the review, Spanish football journalist and elcentrocampista.com contributor Lee Roden introduces some of the main football papers in Spain, explains their ideological standpoint, and tries to find some papers covering the less well publicised teams in the league.

We want to inform you and entertain you, so if there’s a story you want us to cover, a team you think we’re ignoring, or even a paper you want us to take a look at, then go ahead and suggest it in the comments section below. Whether it’s Madrid and Barça, or Girona and Hercules, we don’t care! If it’s important to you, it’s important to us, so let us know.

For more news, features and quality Spanish football coverage, head on over to www.elcentrocampista.com, and remember, you can follow me on twitter @FrancoisRoden

Thanks, and see you for the next review after the international break!


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