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Arsenal star Robin van Persie should quit the English club and move to Spain, according to former-Barcelona forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Arsene Wenger is desperate to keep the Dutch international at the Emirates Stadium but there is growing speculation that van Persie is ready to quit Arsenal in an effort to further his career.

The 28-year-old has been heavily linked with a move to Barcelona and now former-Barça player Ibrahimovic told the Sun newspaper van Persie should leave Arsenal for the good of his career: “Football is all about winning. If you don’t win you want to go. I don’t know Robin personally but I remember him from Holland and what a talent he was – now he is complete.

“I don’t know what he is thinking but I know what I would do. I have made a lot of moves in my life – I take it as a challenge, an adventure.

“And I have won eight titles in eight years with different clubs in different countries, that’s when you get more respect.”

“If a club like Barcelona are interested in him, then he should go.”

Arsenal are adamant they do not want van Persie to leave the club but it is becoming increasingly likely this may be his last season at the Emirates Stadium.


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