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Selling Cazorla to Arsenal would be a backward step on and off the pitch

Strange things are occurring in Andalucia. Recent revelations of unpaid wages have cast a massive shadow over Malaga CF, and with the financial stability of the club increasingly  being called into question, supporters are now  fearful of what lies ahead.

Unfortunately for fans, it looks like there could be more bad news in the next few days as Arsenal look to steal star man Santi Cazorla. The creative midfielder has only been at the club for one season but has become an integral part of Manuel Pellegrini’s team.

Arsene Wenger has publicly stated that the club is “not close to signing anybody” but the interest in Cazorla seems genuine. It is being widely reported that Cazorla has agreed in principle to joining Arsenal and it is just up to the clubs to negotiate a transfer fee.

You can understand why Arsenal are interested. Technically sound, creatively brilliant and with an eye for goal he would fit in well in the Arsenal set up. Pellegrini, quite rightly, is resisting and trying to hold onto the Spanish international.

In truth Cazorla is not irreplaceable, but that does not mean Malaga can afford to let him go. The double European Championship winner started all 38 of Malaga’s league games last campaign, his most memorable moment a stunning last minute free-kick at the Bernabeu to steal a point.

If he was to depart there are other options at the club, but none of the same calibre as Cazorla. Isco has potential as does Buonanotte but in all honesty a player would have to be brought in to replace him. Whether such a player exists and is available at a reasonable price is another issue. Most likely Pellegrini would seek a proven La Liga player as a replacement.

In terms of stature, the capture of Santi Cazorla at the start of last season was a significant step forward for the club. For 11th placed finishers Malaga to be able to sign a player who had finished the season flying high (and qualified for the Champions League) with Villarreal was an indication that the club meant business.

However by subsequently selling to Arsenal, Malaga would also be taking a step back as a club. The future aim is to compete against teams like Arsenal and to be considered on an equal footing. They cannot afford to be a transitional club where big teams can just come along and take their players.

Of course Arsenal are a huge club with great prestige and history but they have about as much chance as Malaga of competing for a league title next season and they will compete on equal footing in the Champions League(should Malaga win the playoff).

With the Champions League qualifying round (and the start of the season) fast approaching it would be best for the club if the Cazorla situation could be sorted within the next week or two The last thing they need is it to drag out for much of the transfer window like Juan Mata’s departure from Valencia last season.

Selling Cazorla to Arsenal would weaken Malaga significantly on the pitch, for that reason alone Pellegrini must do everything in his power to try and keep him. If they can fight off the interest from Arsenal and convince Cazorla to stay, or merely refuse to sell, then they would send out a statement of intent and show they are serious about growing into a real European force.


  1. wez

    29 July, 2012 at 11:29

    if they dont pay off their debts by 31st july its not like they hav a choice, they need money and the owners dont look lie they want to pay off the debts themselves, so he only oher alternative woud be to sell cazora for a cut pric deal to arsenal

    • Archie

      2 August, 2012 at 14:44

      Hi Wez. To be honest I don’t think anyone(in the public) knows what is actually going on at Malaga. Facts have been scarce and each day newspapers and websites publish conflicting stories. The owners have money that is clear and if forced will invest more to tie over the player wage issues etc. I think this is an ongoing issue that will resurface again during the season but I don’t think it will effect the club in the short-term(in terms of point deductions, expulsion from Champions League, I may be wrong).

  2. Jimmy

    31 July, 2012 at 13:13

    Arsenal are looking to sign Cazorla not ‘steal’ him. malaga hope to be equal with Arsenal, when malaga want a billionaire owner giving them millions of pounds of oil money to cover the tremondous amount of debt they are making while Arsenal run their club in a sustainable way. malaga cannot be compared to Arsenal compare them with clubs that share there same philosophy like man city and chelsea clubs who are happy to go millions of pounds in to debt and just sponge of their rich owners…

    • Archie

      2 August, 2012 at 14:36

      Sorry Jimmy, I was not trying to insinuate Arsenal were doing something wrong by pursuing Cazorla. I was saying he would be stolen away from the fans which is the case as it’s against their will.

      As for how clubs dveelop. I am not a fan of just a stream of money being pumped in to build instant success. However it is rare nowadays for a club to be successful without investing heavily. It is testament to clubs like Arsenal(and Arsene Wenger) that they can turn over a profit and remain competitive. However unfortunately for Arsenal this model has not yielded silverware yet, perhaps that will change this season.

      Also when I was comparing the clubs it was purely on a competitive level. Arsenal have a rich history which Malaga cannot compare to. I compared them to Arsenal because of the Cazorla transfer and whether he should move or not.

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