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Summer of frustration begins for Mourinho and Madrid

Real Madrid have been dealt a double transfer blow this week as the two players they have coveted the most, David Silva and Luka Modric, seem set to remain at their current clubs in the Barclays Premier League.

Fresh from guiding Real Madrid to their first La Liga title since 2008; Jose Mourinho has actively courted a play making midfielder for the defence of their crown starting in August.

But with David Silva reiterating his desire to stay at Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur refusing to budge on their €40 million valuation for Modric, it seems the self-proclaimed ‘special one’ will have to look elsewhere this summer.

Silva told the Daily Star this week: “My home is at City and I am totally satisfied there. My head is not at Real Madrid but at Manchester City.

“I’m grateful for my experience at City and I have improved as a player, in every sense, since I joined them. I didn’t know if I was capable of playing like this when I left Valencia.

“I’m on holiday right now, but my agents are negotiating a new deal with City and I think it’s likely we close it in a very short time.”

Modric meanwhile, wants to avoid a repeat of last summer’s prolonged transfer merry-go-round and is keen to have his future sorted out in the next couple of weeks.

The diminutive 26-year-old is a player who many in the Spanish capital – with the exception of Guti who recently commented that he hasn’t done enough to warrant playing at the Bernabeu – see as the final piece in the expensively assembled jigsaw of modern galaticos.

Modric is unlikely to demand a transfer away from White Hart Lane according to The Sun, and so if Real Madrid are going to get their man they will need move sooner rather than later.

The Croatian international is not short of long term admirers and although Madrid are reportedly his preferred destination, both Manchester United and Chelsea are waiting in the wings if nothing appears to materialize.

If that is the case then Real Madrid will have to turn to their ‘Midfield back up list’ which is said to include both Benfica’s Axel Witsel and Sao Paulo wonder kid Lucas Moura.

But with those two expected to cost €25 million and €35 million respectively, there is a growing disgruntlement amongst Madrid fans as to why there club doesn’t just bite the bullet and fork out for their top target Luka Modric.

There may still over eight weeks until the start of the La Liga season, however Real Madrid are already experiencing difficulties in prising their top targets away from their current club.

Jose Mourinho is a man who normally gets what he wants and there are sure to be some twists and turns to come, however it could prove to be a frustrating summer for the reigning Spanish champions and their enigmatic coach.


  1. Ray

    6 July, 2012 at 13:26

    There are a few things that dont add up in your article.
    1. I thought you said that Jose Mourinho’s top target was David Silva, not Luksa Modric.
    2. I’ve read a lot of the Spanish newspapers and there is a modicum of information on both these players joining Real Madris. All the talk is mainly generated in by the UK press.
    3. Since when did Spurs enter into negotiations with officials of Real Madrid on Modrics availability?
    4. Daniel Levy has said that he is not going to sell any of his stars this Summer and we all know that he isnt going to sell Modric to a competitor in the Premier League. That rules out both Chelsea and Manchester United, the latter of whom couldnt afford Modric anyway.
    5. Just so’s that you get your facts correct, Chelsea offered £30M at the last minute after their shenanigans by adding Alex and Benayoun as make weights to the deal which Daniel Levy laughed at.
    6. Modric still has 4 years remaining on his contract and in no position to argue with Daniel Levy infact, he hasnt got a leg to stand on.

    • Gunner

      6 July, 2012 at 14:12

      When did he say David Silva was the top target? He doesn’t say Spurs are entered into negotiations with Real Madrid officials either. The Spanish press have been full of talk about Silva and Modric every day as well and what has Chelsea bidding £30M got to do with anything?

      I think it is you who does not add up…

      Modric will leave

  2. Anders

    6 July, 2012 at 15:09

    Madrid fans are not disgruntled about Modric, most of us cant even see what he can offer Madrid…
    I for one hopes he stays away from the club.

  3. Jay

    6 July, 2012 at 15:27

    Personally as a Spurs fan id be more than happy swapping Modric for Higuian and granero or sahin. That way Real can save there money and buy RVP from arsenal. Not only do real madrid get a better striker and midfielder to what they lose but spurs get a more than capable young up and coming midfielder and a decent striker that they have needed for a long time!

  4. Tawona

    6 July, 2012 at 16:17

    Personally i am more in favour of Lucas Moura cause i have seen a few of his games and he impressed me. Silva would have been a great addition to the team but Man City would never agree and i don’t really like Modric so i would prefer we left him. Plus in England they over price their players coz i don’t agree with the 40 mil price tag. I also think there is no rush to get the team players in the Bernabeu we still have another week before the pre season matches and two more weeks before most of the squad gets together

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