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GREAT TACKLE! – Not bad for a referee…


By Heath Chesters

Strikers missing an open goal… yes, we’ve seen lot’s of those recently.

Goalkeeping howlers… there’s always plenty of those to enjoy.

Headed goal scored by a player from his own half… we’ve even seen that recently too.

Perfectly executed, two footed tackle by the referee… wait, what?

This little gem happened during the Valencia versus Granada match. Granada had been frustrating Valencia all afternoon, with a stubborn and resilient defensive display, but lacked any real bite going forward. Obviously the referee thought he’d lend them a hand.

Amusingly, after the “tackle” by referee Eduardo González on Valencia forward Sergio Canales, Granada launched a counter-attack, which resulted in them winning a corner.

Canales had already scored the goal that would decide the game though, inside the first five minutes.

Interesting to wonder what would have happened if Granada had scored as a result of that counter-attack. Would the referee have disallowed the goal and given a drop-kick, or let the goal stand?

I guess we’ll never know, but at least we can have a chuckle at his superb tackling ability!



One Comment

  1. David Smith

    6 October, 2011 at 13:24

    It was two footed, terrible challenge!

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