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Five places to watch football in Barcelona that aren’t the Camp Nou

It is hardly surprising that most tourists who like football have just one aim in mind when they head for a weekend in Barcelona – a visit to the Camp Nou to watch arguably the greatest team in history. For those who are not big fans of the ‘blaugrana’ or who do not have a huge budget, a cheaper alternative is to take the train to the southern outskirts of the city, and watch Espanyol at their new Cornella-El Prat stadium.

However for the dedicated football fan, there are also some good opportunities to watch other teams in Barcelona in addition to, or instead of, the big two, for a fraction of the price and with the opportunity to avoid the relentless flash bulbs and fellow visitors to the Catalan capital. Over the next pages are five grounds you could get to for the price of a one day travel pass (currently less than seven euros):

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