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Will Jose be stuck at Real Madrid after all?

With speculation of unrest at the Bernabeu, the future of Jose Mourinho is something that has been the subject of attention for a while.

The general concensus suggesting that after 3 years with Real Madrid,  the self proclaimed ”Special One’  is destined for yet another job in another country. However, after reports of his beloved Chelsea reunion hitting a snag, will anyone be willing to give Jose a job?

Let’s consider his tenure at Madrid; albeit a mildly successful one, he has often alienated himself with acts of stupidity and selfishness. His part in the El Classico brawl in 2011 was nothing short of discraceful and I’m certain that it was then that his chance of an Old Trafford reign was scuppered.

As a manager, there have been few as good as the Portuguese maestro in recent history. His record at any club he’s managed is phenomenal and he’d be capable of just about any job in world football from an ability perspective.

But there are several issues at play here, most likely the huge fee to release Mourinho from his current contract with the Spanish giants which is believed to be in the region of £18million, a hefty sum for someone who can’t guarantee more than a few years’ service.

Many Chelsea fans dream of a romantic return to Stamford Bridge for Jose, but one suspects that even Roman Abramovich is unlikely to pay this kind of money, especially considering that when the Special one was sacked from StamfordBridge, he had to pay in excess of £20million to do so. Roman is a shrewd business man, and won’t see any sense in the move from a money point of view.

There is another alternative in England, with the recently vacant post at Manchester City unoccupied. This is a luxurious job and one that demand success instantly, a situation that Mourinho is all too familiar with.

He would have a fantastic squad of players to work with and endless resources to buy new talent, so it may not be as farfetched a notion as it first seems. His loyalty to Chelsea may mean that he would not join Manchester City, but it would be foolish to write it off completely.

He wants to ‘play where I’m loved’ which might not necessarily mean just Chelsea; he’s loved all over England.  But Sheikh Mansour has many options and has the financial power to target nigh on any manager. Demanding a more ‘holistic approach’ it is likely that chief executives at the Ethiad Stadium will press ahead with their move for Malaga manager Pelligrin. If not him, then Dortmunds Klopp fits the bill.

The current situation at Real Madrid, with Mourinho seemingly at war with the hierarchy, appears to spell a definite end to his days as boss. However, the Portuguese man still has three years left on his contract and won’t be bullied out. His relationship with the squad isn’t brilliant, as reports of a rift with his favourite pair Ronaldo and Pepe came out earlier this week.

Yet despite all of the arguments and discontent, reports surfacing in Spain suggest that Mourinho might well be staying for at least another season, possibly to get his hands on a coveted third Champions League prize.

As with anything though, until any reports come out as factual, it’s all the media game of speculation.

A momentous week in European football has set the rumour mill on fire and let’s be honest, there is never a dull moment where Jose Mourinho is concerned.

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